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Julia Salazar Bio, Biography, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Wins Brooklyn Primary, Education, Immigrant status, , Sexual assault accusations

Julia Salazar pulls an upset on 13th September 2018 Democratic primary, beating the incumbent Martin Dilan in north Brooklyn's State Senate district 18

Julia Salazar Biography

Julia Salazar Bio

Julia Salazar was born on 31st December 1990. She is an American activist running as a Democrat for the 18th district in the New York State Senate. Salazar pulled off a dramatic upset on 13th September 2018 Democratic primary, beating well-funded longtime incumbent Martin Dilan in north Brooklyn’s State Senate district 18. Salazar is known for being a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, and for a series of controversies, mostly related to the accuracy and/or integrity of claims she has made about her past.
Personal details
Julia Salazar Born 31st December 1990 in Miami, Florida, U.S.
Julia Salazar Age 27 Years old as of 2018
Julia Salazar Parents Christine Salazar – mother and  Luis – Father
Julia Salazar Political party Democratic (2017–present)
Julia Salazar Alma mater Columbia University (attended)
Julia Salazar Net Worth $685,000, trust fund left by her father

Julia Salazar Background Information

Salazar was born to her parents, Luis, a naturalized citizen who had immigrated from Colombia and mother, Christine Salazar, originally from New Jersey. She has an older brother, Alex, who was born in 1988. Her parents divorced while Julia and Alex were young, and Christine became the lead parent. Her maternal grandmother was Italian. When she turned 18, Salazar registered as a Republican in December 2008.

Julia Salazar Education

Salazar studied in Columbia University but indicated to the New York Times that she did not earn a degree. According to her campaign spokesperson, she registered with the Independence Party of New York in March 2010, mistakenly believing that it was meant she was an unaffiliated voter.

Julia Salazar wins Brooklyn Primary

In April 2018, Salazar announced her candidacy for the 18th district of the New York State Senate. She was competing against Senator Martin Malave Dilan in the Brooklyn Democratic primary.

Julia Salazar pulled off a dramatic upset on 13th September 2018 Democratic primary, beating well-funded longtime incumbent Martin Dilan in north Brooklyn’s State Senate district 18, which includes parts of Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Greenpoint.

Salazar, 27, was declared the winner with 58 percent of the vote less than an hour after polls closed at 9 p.m. It was a triumphant end to a campaign checkered by a seemingly endless parade of bewildering micro-controversies regarding her official biography.

Her campaign was the focus of the primaries elections following the primary victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York’s 14th congressional district. Our Revolution has endorsed her,the Democratic Socialists of America, Cynthia Nixon, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Citizens Union initially endorsed Salazar but later revoked their endorsement, citing discrepancies in the information she provided about her academic credentials and whether or not she had graduated college.

Julia Salazar Alleged immigrant status

Over the course of her campaign, Salazar has made a number claims about her background which has been challenged and investigated by the media, including about her immigration status, class and family background, and educational credentials. In August 2018, journalist Armin Rosen and others highlighted what he said were contradictions in statements about her personal life and family background.

Early in her campaign, Salazar described herself as an “immigrant from Colombia” in interviews, including one with The Intercept, campaign speeches, and on her campaign literature. The media investigated this claim and determined to be a misrepresentation: Salazar had been born in Florida. Salazar later walked back these claims.

Julia Salazar Sexual assault accusations

On 11th September 2018, Salazar publicly accused Israeli PM’s spokesman, David Keyes, of sexual assault. The alleged incident happened in 2013. She said she did so to preempt a planned story by The Daily Caller that she learned about beforehand. Keyes denied her allegations in a statement to Haaretz. Eleven additional women subsequently came out with similar claims of harassment or assault against Keyes.

Keyes denied the accusations at the time, saying “there was no coercion in our encounter,” according to Israel’s Army Radio.

Salazar, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, had worked as an organizer for the non-profit organization Jews for Racial and Economic Justice before launching her campaign. She has a history of pro-Israel activism but has since become deeply critical. The DSA supports a boycott against Israel.


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