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Larysa Switlyk angers Scotland with trophy photo of 'beautiful' wild goat

Larysa Switlyk Wiki

Larysa Switlyk Bio

Larysa Switlyk was born on 17th June 1985 in Sarasota, Florida. She is a producer and director, known for Larysa Unleashed (2013) and Top Hooker (2013). Larysa is also renown for her Game Hunting escapades and posing with her kills. Her hunts are however legal and meant for Wildlife conservation purposes. She describes herself as a “professional huntress.”

Larysa Switlyk  Personal details

Larysa Switlyk Age She was born on 21st February 1950 (age 68 as of 2018)
Larysa Switlyk Occupation Producer, Director, Game Huntress
Larysa Switlyk Known For Larysa Unleashed (2013) and Top Hooker (2013)
Larysa Switlyk Net Worth She has an estimated Net Worth of $ 825,400 as of 2018
Larysa Switlyk Siblings She has 3 elder Brothers
Larysa Switlyk Boyfriend Has not shared any information on her dating life

Larysa Switlyk Biography

Larysa Switlyk grew up with three older brothers and a fear of guns. Yet, her upbringing taught her to be strong, courageous and not afraid to try anything. A mixture of a tomboy and model, Larysa is competitive, engaging and adventurous. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in accounting in just four years and promptly landed a CPA job in New York City. However, she quickly realized she wasn’t a city girl. A gut feeling told her something was missing in her life. She also worked as a motivational speaker.

Larysa Switlyk Larysa Unleashed

She hosts the show Larysa Unleashed on the Action Channel, Wild Hunting and Fishing Network. Tuff.TV and YouTube. She’s been sponsored by Livingston Lures, Stag Arms and Coome Custom Taxidermy Studios.

Larysa Switlyk Backlash 

On 22nd October 2018, Switlyk posted pictures of herself posing with the dead goat on a hunting trip to the Scottish island. The hunt was legal – but sparked outrage on social media.

The thousands of replies sent to Switlyk included some calling for her to be killed. Switlyk is understood to have been in Scotland on September 2018, but only posted the pictures of the dead goat on Tuesday.

In the Post, she wrote “Beautiful wild goat here on the Island of Islay in Scotland. Such a fun hunt!! They live on the edge of the cliffs of the island and know how to hide well. We hunted hard for a big one for 2 days and finally got on this group. Made a perfect 200 yard shot and dropped him with the Gunwerks and Nightforce Optics! ( Good thing too because he could have run off the cliff into the water).”

Switlyk However seems to be ignoring all the backlash and instead captioned another post stating that she is headed for another hunting adventure and will be out of service for 2 weeks.

Larysa Switlyk Birthday

Larysa Switlyk celebrates her birthday on 17th June 1985. She is currently 33 years old as of 2018.


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  1. I think Larysa Switlyk is a sick individual. She must be an extremely hollow person inside to to what she does as other trophy hunters.
    It is so said that they have to take innocent lives to make a living. I think if they were on the same terms as those they kill, none of them would be posing. Very twisted…..


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