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Laura Knoblach Bio, Age, Education, Parents, Siblings, Ultra Triathlon World Cup, Sexual Abuse Allegations against her father (Jim Knoblach)

Laura Knoblach Biography

Laura Knoblach Bio

Laura Knoblach is the daughter of Minnesota politician and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Jim Knoblach. She originally lived with her parents in Minnesota. She currently resides and trains in Boulder, Colorado. Knoblach was only 20 when she completed her first triathlon (the Boulder Ironman). At age 21, she started ultra-distance racing and completed the Florida Double Anvil in March 2016. At 22 years old, in 2017, Knoblach became the world record holder and the youngest woman in the world to complete the DECA IRON.
Laura Knoblach Age 23 Years old as of 2018
Laura Knoblach Parents Jim Knoblach (Father) and Janet Knoblach (mother)
Laura Knoblach Occupation Ultra Triathlon
Laura Knoblach Sibling 1 Sibling
Laura Knoblach Education University of Colorado

Laura Knoblach Sexual Abuse Allegations against her father Jim Knoblach

MPR reported on Friday 21st September 2018 that Jim Knoblach, Laura’s father, sexually abused her with her first memories starting when she was 9 years old. A close friend—who knew that she was working through the trauma from her past—sexually assaulted her in 2015, when she was 20. Laura went on the record with the radio station “after exhausting other means to hold her father accountable.” She “supplied extensive documentation about her attempts to get help,” MPR reported. She told MPR that Knoblach inappropriately touched her for most of her life, “with her first memories starting when she was nine years old.”

Laura Knoblach DECA Ironman Triathlon

Laura Knoblach, while a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, set the American female record for finishing a Deca Continuous Ironman Triathlon on November 2017.

The event competition involves 24 miles of swimming. 1,120 miles of biking. 262 miles of running in 14.4 days.

The Deca exists within an extreme-niche of the triathlon world, in which participants complete the length of 10 back-to-back Ironmans. Knoblach’s event, the Swiss Ultra, started in Buchs, Switzerland, on 16th August 2017.

Laura Knoblach finished deca as the youngest ever in the history of the competition. The race takes weeks. As you can imagine, it is a brutal test of endurance and willpower. Each leg is 10 times longer than a normal ironman, with 24 miles of swimming, 1,120 miles of biking, and 262 miles of running.

For any athlete, this is a significant undertaking. And at the time, Knoblach already had a lot of experience.

Previously, she ran marathons, double Ironmans, and triple Ironmans.

But her finishes in those events never satiated her appetite for ultra endurance. Then, a friend pressured her into signing up for the Deca.

Throughout the race, she battled full-body cramps, sleep exhaustion, hallucinations, and the seemingly impossible.


Laura Knoblach Ultra Triathlon World Cup

After racing 3 ultras in 2017, Laura finished  2nd place in the International Ultra Triathlon World Cup.
In the season she managed to win;

  • FL Double Anvil (30:00:51; 1st place female)
  • Swiss Deca (317 hrs; new U.S. women’s record)
  • VA Double Anvil (33:58:11; 1st place female)


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