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Leann White husband (Joe White) dies on 24th October 2018 aged 74 from a heart attack

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Leann White Bio

Leann White was the wife to Tony Joe White, an American singer-songwriter and guitarist, who died on 24th October 2018 aged 74 from a heart attack.
Leann White Background information
Leann White Age She is in her 70s
Leann White Occupation Songwriter
Leann White Known for Being the wife of Tony Joe White. She helped in writing some of his spouse’s songs
Leann White Husband Tony Joe White (m ?- 2018)
Leann White Children
  • Jody White (Son) – was his father’s manager
  • Michelle White (Daughter) – followed her dad’s footsteps as a musician


Leann White Book Rattlesnakes and Cookies a Cookbook Published on 17th December 2014
Leann White Net Worth Tony Joe White had an estimated Net Worth of $ 0.5 Million

Leann White Biography

Leann White is an exceptional songwriter and was a big influence on her husband’s work. She has also written a couple of poetry. She wrote lyrics for several good songs like The Undercover Agent For The Blues. Leann had that song title for two or three years and she left it laying In the room. Tony kept looking at that title and when he started working on it asked Leann to sit down and write.

Leann White and her daughter, Michelle, both love to make cookies and love to get in that dough and get that oven going.

Leann White & Tony Joe White

Tony Joe White spent most of the 1960s in Corpus Christi and it is during the period that he starting a family with his wife, Leann White.

In an interview, Tony said that they usually wrote two or three songs a year and they turned out to be good. She co-wrote Gypsy Epilogue with him,  the song Alligator Mississippi and the organ player in the album Hoodoo released in 1976.

Tony Joe White
Tony Joe White

Leann White Children

The couple raised two children; one son Jody White who worked as Tony’s manager and one daughter, Michelle White who followed her dad’s footsteps as a musician.

Tony Joe White Death and Cause

Tony Joe White died of a heart attack on 24th October 2018, at the age of 75.  Jody White, his son, and manager stated

“He wasn’t ill at all, He just had a heart attack…there was no pain or suffering.”  Tony died at his home in Leipers Fork, Tennessee, outside of Nashville.


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