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Logan-Rogersville teacher, Matthew McCroskey arrested on child porn charges

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Matthew McCroskey is a 50 years old Logan-Rogersville High School English teacher has been arrested on federal child porn charges. He was booked into the Greene County Jail on Wednesday night and charged Thursday (January, 9th and 10th, 2019) with receiving and distributing child porn.
Matthew McCroskeys Age He is currently 50 years old
Matthew McCroskey Charged with Receiving and distributing child porn
Matthew McCroskey Occupation Logan-Rogersville High School English teacher

Matthew McCroskey Criminal Complaint

According to a criminal complaint report provided to KOLR10 by the FBI, McCroskey was under investigation by the Highway Patrol and FBI since November.

The complaint says law enforcement searched McCroskey’s home in Springfield on Wednesday and found several images of child porn on McCroskey’s computer.

According to the complaint, McCroskey had also placed hidden cameras in his bathroom and video on his computer of a female who appeared to be 17 or 18 using his toilet.

When McCroskey was interviewed, he told investigators he liked looking for “bathroom stuff”, and while he denied searching for images, he admitted to receiving them.  He allegedly denied being interested in or searching for child porn but acknowledged some had been sent to him over a peer-to-peer program.

The Logan-Rogersville superintendent, Dr. Shawn Randles said McCroskey has worked at the district since 2004, teaching English and sponsoring the yearbook.  He confirmed the arrest but did not comment on charges for McCroskey, who was a journalism teacher that was on the yearbook committee.

The school confirmed that they will be co-operating with law enforcement agencies.

McCroskey’s will be represented by two attorneys, Joe Passanise and Dee Wampler.


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