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Nia Wilson Bio, Biography, Age, Sisters, Parents, Stabbed to Death and Sister (Latifa) wounded (BART stabbing in Oakland)

Police to arraign 27 years John Cowell in Court for the murder of Nia Wilson

Nia Wilson Bio, Biography

Nia Wilson was a resident of Oakland, California, United States. She was an 18 years old American of neo african origin who was stabbed by a suspected white supremacist as they rode in Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) in Oakland MacArthur rail station on Sunday, 22 July 2018.  Nia was accompanied by her elder sisters, 25 years old Latifa and 20 years old Nishiya. Latifa, was also attacked in the incident. She was rushed to a hospital in Oakland and is currently in a good condition.  Nia Wilson was a former student of Oakland High, as per information from  relatives.

A cousin had previously identified 21 years old Tashiya Wilson as the wounded sister, but authorities later said Latifa Wilson is the one that was injured in the incident.

Background information

Age 18 years old
Sisters Nishiya Wilson, Latifa Wilson and Malika Harris
Parents Father, Ansar Muhammed and Mother, Alicia Greyson
Died 22 July 2018 in Oakland, California, United States
Cause of Death Stabbed in the neck by a suspected 27 years old, John Cowell ( heavyset white man), who is in police custody.
Education Oakland High School

Neo African


American citizen

Police statement

The Police have released the image of the perpetrator,  John Cowell, 27 years old heavyset white man.

Suspect Identified

The suspect has been identified as a 27-year-old man, John Cowell  who is now under police custody after being arrested on an Antioch bound train after tips from the public.

Nia Wilson Stabbed to Death and Sister,  Latifa Wilson, wounded in ‘random’ BART stabbing in Oakland

Nia Wilson while aboard in the BART was fatally stabbed in the neck and her elder sister,  Latifa Wilson, wounded in Oakland late Sunday night incident on 22 July 2018.  The three Wilson sisters — Nishiya, Nia and Latifa — were riding BART on the Sunday while disembarking when they were attacked.  Nia and Latifa were helping a woman with a stroller get off the train when the attacker came out of nowhere.  Nishaya was unharmed in the incident while Latifa was rushed to a local hospital. The police termed it to be a “random” attack by a stranger. The incident took place at about 9:45 p.m. at MacArthur Station, which was shut down immediately for the night.

Police spokesman Jim Allison said the second victim was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The suspect was described by a witness as a heavyset white man in his 20s or 30s with short hair. The suspect fled and remains at large.

Relatives of the victims gathered at the station late Sunday night, hugging and crying after talking to police. Malika Harris identified the woman who died as her sister, 18-year-old Nia Wilson, who had attended Oakland High.

A witness says they saw one of the victims bleeding from her neck and the suspect “poking” the other woman, Nia elder sister. He said BART police arrived and began performing CPR on one of the victims. There was no any yelling or arguing before the attack.

After the stabbing, AC Transit assisted BART in getting the other passengers to their destinations. MacArthur Station was scheduled to reopen Monday morning, 23 July 2018.

John Cowell a Convicted felon with previous jail records arrested for the Murder of Nia Wilson

A passenger on BART  captured the arrest of John Cowell which came 21 hours after he stabbed to death Nia Wilson and inflicted a knife injury to her elder sister, Latifa Wilson. Police Officers had intercepted the train at the Pleasant Hill BART station after getting tips from the public. The suspect was taken into custody without any incident.

The arrest comes as a huge relief for the Bay Area, where the random attack has triggered outrage and protest.

The police had earlier identified the suspect as a 27-year-old man, John Cowell .

Murder and attempted murder charges have been filed against John Cowell for the deadly stabbing attack at Oakland’s MacArthur BART station that claimed the life of 18-year-old Nia Wilson and injured her sister, Letifah.

Cowell is set to be arraigned at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, 25 July 2018 for Murder and attempted murder charges. The arraignment was scheduled to be held in the morning 9 a.m. but was adjourned to Wednesday afternoon.

Statements from the Family

The victims father, Ansar Muhammed  rushed to the BART station Sunday night after he got word of the stabbing.

“I want justice for my daughter. I work at Highland Hospital and I see this every single day,” he said with anger in his voice. “I never imagined myself going through nothing like this. That’s my baby girl up there.” He said in statement.

The God father of Nia asked the Bart Black community to stand down and let the police do their work. He also asked members of the public to ignore the GoFundMe accounts created in connection to the incident.

Nishiya told family members that — “They were helping a lady with a stroller get off BART. Nia said, somebody hit me! Latifa looked at her and said your neck! And then Latifa said she got hit but realized she got stabbed. And then he stabbed Nia again in the stomach.”

Statement from Oakland Mayor

The Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf in a statement offered her condolences to the family and promised justice for Nia.

“The senseless and violent stabbing of two young women on a BART train platform last night has shaken our community,” the statement read. “Every parent who saw the father of Nia Wilson grieve for his daughter is heartbroken by this horrific ac, The OPD has been in constant contact with BART Police, is already providing support on this investigation, and has considerable resources available to further assist in identifying and apprehending the person or people responsible for this attack. ”

“At this time, we know of no known motive for this crime,” she added. “We all mourn in this moment and we will all work together to bring justice for Nia, her sister and their family.”

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf released another statement on the suspect’s arrest: “The senseless murder of Nia Wilson and the stabbing of her sister Latifah has traumatized our community, and most especially their family and friends. I want to again express my condolences to them, first and foremost. I am relieved to learn that the suspect was apprehended after an anonymous tip from a BART rider led to the arrest of the suspect. May this serve as the first step in bringing justice for the Wilson family, and healing to our community. As the Mayor of Oakland, it’s important I acknowledge that this horrific crime has a context. Although investigators currently have no evidence to conclude that this tragedy was racially motivated or that the suspect was affiliated with any hate groups, the fact that his victims were both young African American women stirs deep pain and palpable fear in all of us who acknowledge the reality that our country still suffers from a tragic and deeply racist history. I recognize that Sunday’s tragic events came on the heels of news that white supremacists were attempting to gather at a downtown bar this evening. I appreciate the commitment of these establishments to prohibit such activity in their businesses and then decided to hold a “Pro Oakland Movement” event this evening to support organizations that fight bigotry and discrimination on behalf of our community and our values. Oakland has no room for hate or white supremacy.”

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