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Quinton Anderson Reynolds Bio, Biography, Age, Parents, Sibling, (Burt Reynolds adopted son)

Burt Reynolds who died on 6th September 2018 is Survived by son Quinton Anderson Reynolds

Quinton Anderson Reynolds Biography

Quinton Anderson Reynolds Bio

Quinton Anderson Reynolds is the adopted son of the late Burt Reynolds Jr. and Loni Anderson.He was born on 31 August 1988 and is currently 30 years old as of 2018.He spent his very early years growing up in Florida, but moved to California with his mom, after her divorce with Reynolds in 1993. These days, Quinton calls California home.Quinton has a one sibling related by virtue of her mother, Loni Anderson’s daughter, Deidra Hoffman.
Quinton Anderson Reynolds Born 31 August 1988 (age 30 years)
Quinton Anderson Reynolds Age 30 Years as of 2018
Quinton Anderson Reynolds Grandparents Klaydon Carl “Andy” Anderson, Fern H. Reynolds, Burton Milo Reynolds Sr., Maxine Hazel Kallin
Quinton Anderson Reynolds Parents Burt Reynolds, Loni Anderson
Quinton Anderson Reynolds Sibling Deidra Hoffman
Quinton Anderson Reynolds uncle James Hooks Reynolds
Quinton Anderson Reynolds Aunt Andrea Sams

Burt Reynolds Considered his son, Quinton Anderson, his greatest Achievement

Although Reynolds was one of the most successful movie stars in the world, his son was the most important thing in his life — and was the one thing that he was the proudest to have.

“He is my greatest achievement. He’s a wonderful young man and is now working as a camera assistant in Hollywood. He never asked for any help with his career, he did it all himself, and I’m so proud of him. I love him very much,” Reynolds told Closer Weekly on July 2018.

How Parents Divorce Affected Quinton Anderson Reynolds

Reynolds’ divorce from Anderson was messy. The couple divorced in 1993 and impacted negatively on their son, Quinton. The divorce is seen as one of of the ugliest celebrity divorces of all time. It took a while for Reynolds and Anderson to move on, but eventually, they moved on.

Burt Reynolds and Son Quinton
Burt Reynolds and Son Quinton

Reynolds and his son went through a tough period when Reynolds and Anderson divorced. They were, however, able to work through that difficult time and became very close in the years that followed.

After his parent’s divorce, Quinton lived in California with his mom but would travel to Florida to spend some time with his dad. During those times, Loni Anderson insisted that a nanny be around to take care of the young Quintom.

“I’m concerned about Burt’s erratic behavior. . . Quinton is small, and I want him to be protected,” Anderson told SF Gate back in 1995.


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