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Sidney McCain Bio

Sidney McCain (John McCain’s eldest daughter) was born on 2 September 1966. She stays out of the spotlight more than many of her other siblings. Sidney McCain (who sometimes goes by just “Sid”) is the third oldest of John McCain’s seven children. She says she was the most rebellious of his children, pushed his boundaries the most, and loved debating her dad. She’s happily married and living in Milwaukee after spending many years working for major record labels.

Born  2 September 1966 
Age 51 years as of 2018
 Residence Milwaukee

  • Long Island University, Bachelor of Arts, Photojournalism
  • North Carolina State University, Communication and Media Studies
  • Long Island University, Bachelor of Arts, Photojournalism
  • North Carolina State University, Communication and Media Studies
 Occupation Promotions director of WMSE-FM
 Parents John McCain-Father, Cindy McCain-Step Mother, Carol Shepp- Biological Mother
Siblings Meghan McCainBridget McCainJohn Sidney McCain IVAndrew McCainSidney McCainDouglas McCain
Grandparents Roberta McCain and John S.McCain Jr
Husband Jason Sweet

Sidney McCain Biography

Sidney McCain born on 2 September 1966 and currently 51 years old as of 2018, is John McCain third-oldest child, and the only daughter born to him and his first wife, Carol Shepp. When John McCain was married to Carol from 1965 to 1980, he adopted her sons from a previous marriage: Doug and Andrew. Then they had Sidney. After he married Cindy McCain, they had three children of their own Meghan, Jack, and Jimmy and adopted Bridget.

She is quoted saying “People often assume that I am a Republican, but I am not. I did not grow up in a rich since I was raised on a Navy’s salary.

Sidney McCain Jason Sweet

Sidney McCain resides at Milwaukee because her husband, Jason Sweet, is from there. She is quoted saying that they first met in New York City at a bar, dated, and fell in love. She never intended initially to move to Milwaukee, but then she was laid off from her job with EMI doing label acquisitions.

Sidney McCain Mother

Sidney’s mother, Carol Shepp, has a long history with John McCain. They married on July 3, 1965, in Philadelphia. The very next year, he adopted Douglas and Andrew. In 1966, they gave birth to their daughter, Sidney. After he was shot down over North Vietnam in 1967 and spent five-and-a-half years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, she raised their children with the help of friends and family.

Sidney McCain Career History

  • July 2014 – Present: Promotions Director, WMSE Radio Station
  • February 2007 – November 2008: Marketing consultant, EMI
  • December 2003 – January 2007: GM V2 records Canada, V2 Records
  • July 1996 – December 2003: Head of The Media Department, V2 Records

Sidney worked in the music business for years and had been a registered Democrat “until recently.” She had been a “bigwig” in the music industry. She worked as the VP of major record labels, including EMI. In 2017, she took a job as the promotions director of WMSE-FM radio in Milwaukee.

In an interview with Milwaukee Mag, she is quoted saying, “My previous job was almost like selling widgets. Music wasn’t creative; it wasn’t fun. It was about how many records the band sold. Being at WMSE is an open field. We can do anything we want. And my whole goal is to have us affiliated with everything in Milwaukee that’s cool.”

Sid initially got into the music business when she was a college DJ and interned with MTV. Her first job was at ATCO Records, and AC/DC was doing promos. According to her LinkedIn profile, she worked for four years with EMI as a VP of Label Acquisitions, one year with EMI as a marketing consultant, and ten years with V2 Records as the GM in Canada and the head of the Media Department. She also worked for nearly three years for Capitol Records as the senior director of media.

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