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Angela Simmons Baby Daddy Sutton Tennyson Shot Dead At His Home

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Sutton Tennyson Bio

Sutton Tennyson was born on 5th November 1980 and shot dead on 4th November 2018 (aged 37). He was an ex-fiancé of Angela Simmons and his Baby Daddy. In April 2016, Angela Simmons announced her engagement to her businessman Sutton Tennyson via Instagram. Since their time together, the couple has had a child and also broken up. On 4th November 2018, The Shade Room reported that Tennyson was shot and killed in his home. The story continues to develop and fans are waiting for confirmation from Simmons.

Sutton Tennyson Background information

Sutton Tennyson Birthday  He was born on 5th November 1980
Sutton Tennyson Ex-fiancée  Angela Simmons
Sutton Tennyson Son Sutton Joseph Tennyson (Born in 2016)
Sutton Tennyson Death and Cause He was shot and Killed on Saturday 4th November 2018. He was 37 Years old as at the time of his death
Sutton Tennyson Net Worth He had an estimated Net Worth of $ 0.5 Million as at the time of his death

Sutton Tennyson Biography

Sutton Tennyson was originally from Atlanta, Georgia. He is reported to have had a criminal past with records showing that he was arrested several times.  In the preview for Growing Up Hip Hop‘s second season, it shows Master P and Romeo’s reactions when they find out that Angela’s new husband had a criminal record.  In January 2013 Tennyson was arrested in Fayette County for battery.

According to Bossip, Tennyson had some legal issues in the past. The site reported that, in 2000, he was arrested and served time in prison for carrying a concealed gun. He had also had run-ins with credit forgery, identity theft, drug possession, and police obstruction charges.

Bossip also reported that Tennyson previously had a 12-month restraining order by an ex-girlfriend. He, however, turned on a new leaf as from the time he became engaged to Angela Simmons in 2016.

In 2005 he started Meadowlark Records with some of his friends.  The label never took off successfully.

Sutton Tennyson Angela Simmons

Tennyson’s ex-fiancee Angela Simmons is “a Growing Up Hip Hop Artist”, Fitness Fanatic, Shoe designer and Business Woman was born on 18 September 1987 (age 31 years) in Queens, New York City. Simmons announced that she was engaged to Tennyson on 26th April 2016.

Simmons’ engagement, however, came as a surprise to her close friend Romeo Miller. Miller and Simmons have a bit of a past, but the two were close friends, or so Miller thought. Simmons had kept her relationship with Tennyson private, so Miller was shocked to find out that Simmons was engaged. And, to make matters worse, he found out the news via Instagram. Previously on Growing Up Hip Hop, fans watched Miller’s reaction to the news.

In December 2017, Simmons confirmed she had called it quits with her ex-fiance Sutton Tennyson and she explained why.

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2017 … You were a beast . I can truly say that this year has made me stronger . Well I recognized my strength to walk away from what isn't healthy for me. I faced my biggest fears this year. And from that I am open to my new life and evolving . I truly have seen and been through some stuff that I know tons of women go through. And I speak up to let you know there's hope. All of those who are single mothers that are hurting that want to give up .. Don't ! Also don't stay somewhere that you aren't valued . And don't allow anyone to treat you less than what you are. It's not easy to face my truth in front of this cold world . But I face it with pride because I got through this and will get through it all! Protect yourself !!! Take the steps you need to make sure you are really happy!! Really happy inside. Not just a smile . Not just waking up to another day. But loving the day you are waking up in. I don't speak to down talk anyone . But I speak to free myself from my past. I'm ready to turn the page . And ready to uplift anyone who needs uplifting along the way! 2018 … I can't wait to meet you ❤️

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Angela Simmons
Angela Simmons

Sutton Tennyson Son

In September 2016, Simmons and Tennyson welcomed a son. Simmons posted the very first public photo of her son on Instagram, with a captioned  message, “The best part of life has just begun #Motherhood #ImSoInLove.”

Sutton Tennyson Shot Dead

TSR broke the story on Saturday, 3rd November 2018 that Angela Simmons ex-fiance and father of her son was shot and killed over the weekend at his home. No further details were provided, but some sources on social media were stating that he was killed in a home invasion that went horribly wrong.

On 4th November 2018, Angela Simmons posted a video and picture on Instagram paying tribute to Tennyson. The Instagram post read:

“Thank you for leaving behind my greatest gift. I’m hurting. I’m numb. Thank you for the outpouring of love everyone. I can’t believe I’m even saying Rest In Peace Sutton. I promise to hold SJ down in every way I promise ❣️”


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Reflecting . He keeps replaying it 💔 RIP Sutton .

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