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Raul Gorrin Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Globovision Owner, Indictment in the US

Raul Gorrin indicted in Miami for high-level bribery and money laundering

Raul Gorrin
Gorrin Raul Belisario was born on 22nd November 1968 in Caracas, Venezuela. He is a Venezuelan lawyer and businessman, president of the television channel Globovision and insurer La Vitalicia. 
Raul Gorrin Personal information
Raul Gorrin Full name Raul Antonio Gorrin Belisario
Raul Gorrin Age 22nd November 1968 (age 49 years) in Caracas, Venezuela
Raul Gorrin Nationality Venezuelan
Raul Gorrin Net Worth He has an estimated Net Worth of $ 950,000 as of 2018
Raul Gorrin Education
Educated in
  • Santa Maria College
Raul Gorrin Professional information
Occupation Businessman
Medium Globovisión
Distinctions Iberoamerican Personality of the Year

Raul Gorrin Education and career 

Gorrín studied law at the Santa María University, venturing into his profession since he was young through the foundation of the RGDPJ Law Office. In 2008, along with ten other shareholders, he bought the insurer La Vitalicia, which is among the first 40 Venezuelan insurers, according to the Venezuelan American chamber Venancham.

Raul Gorrin Globovision 

After the death of President Hugo Chávez, and the presidential elections that led Nicolás Maduro to the presidency of Venezuela in 2013, Gorrín carried out the acquisition of the Globovisión news channel, which he negotiated in  2012.

On 11th March 2013, Carlos Zuloaga, vice president of the channel and son of Guillermo Zuloaga, announced that negotiations were underway with businessman Juan Domingo Cordero for the sale of 80% of the channel’s shareholding package. Subsequently, Guillermo Zuloaga addressed a letter to the employees of the channel confirming the intention to sell and explaining that the channel was economically, politically and legally unviable.  On 14th May 2013, the sale of Globovisión to the entrepreneurs Raul Gorrín, Juan Domingo Cordero and Gustavo Perdomo was completed. After the sale of the channel, the new directive announced a “center” editorial line. Since then, Globovisión is accused by the Venezuelan opposition of “self-censorship”.  The 24 of maypole of 2013 the former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles said the new directive had ordered Globovision that his speeches are not transmitted live over. This is after one of his speeches was censored in the Good Night program and he skipped several parts of his speeches in the news reports, this being the triggered the resignation of top journalists and presenters like Kiko Bautista, Carla Angola, Roland Carreño and Pedro Luis Flores. 

On16th  August 16, 2013, businessman and shareholder Juan Domingo Cordero irrevocably abandoned the position of president of Globovisión, after discovering that the suspension of the ” Aló Ciudadano ” program, led by Leopoldo Castillo, was approved without his “knowledge and approval”. 

On 2nd April 2014, the journalist and anchor of the Globovision night, Reimy Chávez, who resigned that night in a live broadcast, clarified via Twitter how he left the television company.  Reimy said that a large deployment of security accompanied him to the exit, but that he was not attacked at any time, asking respect to the rest of his companions who decided to stay in the channel.

Raul Gorrin Indictment in the US

Raul Gorrin was indicated in Miami US on high-level bribery and money laundering. Raul, the owner of Globovision, is accused of paying $160 million to top Venezuelan government officials in return for allowing him to operate a corrupt foreign currency scheme.

Between 2008 and 2013, Gorrin used a company in Panama to pay $160 million in bribes to several unnamed senior government officials, including two high-level Treasury Ministry officials, in order to protect a corrupt foreign currency scheme that netted hundreds of millions of dollars, according to the indictment.

The purpose of the conspiracy was “to enrich Raul Gorrin Belisario and co-conspirators by making and concealing corrupt payments to foreign officials in Venezuela in order to obtain and retain contracts with the Office of the National Treasury in that country,” the indictment alleges.

Discussions to arrange the bribes were held in South Florida and some of the payments were made from accounts in Switzerland to banks in South Florida and New York, it adds, making the payments a crime under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Gorrin allegedly used the money to buy three jets, a yacht, multiple champion horses, and numerous high-end watches in South Florida and South Texas, also intended as bribes and paid with wire transfers from Swiss bank accounts.

The conspiracy involved Gorrin’s personal bank account at HSBC as well as a bank in the Dominican Republic. Other payments included the purchase of a $1 million home security system in Caracas, home improvements and veterinary services including the transportation of horses in Wellington, Florida, a wealthy community in Palm Beach County known for its horse farms.






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